Welcome to my tax law blog.

I am Robert Teuber, a tax attorney with the law firm von Briesen & Roper s.c. For the past 20 years I have been helping clients deal with IRS and state tax problems. If the IRS audits you, you have the ability to defend yourself. If you disagree with the results of an audit, you can fight your case in the appeals division of the IRS and even fight your case in the Tax Court. Only after you have exhausted your rights through this process can the IRS attempt to collect any audit liability from you. Knowing the rules and your rights during this process can help you get through it all in the best way possible. Explaining the rules and your rights is what I want to accomplish with this blog.

Of course, not all tax problems start with an audit. Sometimes we work with people who haven’t filed tax returns for a long time. Others need to disclose foreign financial accounts on the FBAR forms. Some have simply run into difficult situations and cannot afford the tax due. Solutions exist for for all of these problems. We’ll talk about those solutions here.

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